What are the promises of the 12 steps of aa?

But, as all AA members know, it's a stinking idea. There are no buts, no buts about it. All you have to do is commit. Colby ended his part by explaining how grateful and serene he felt.

Then, when he finished, one of the veterans raised his hand and said Thank you for your story. And thank you for reminding everyone that if you work with a strong program, those 12-Step Promises will be fulfilled. Promise 1 affirms that you will experience new freedom and happiness. The 12 rewards, which deepen the benefits of 12-step recovery, were later presented at the 1985 AA International Convention in Montreal, Canada.

This, of course, depends on working through the Twelve Steps, which can be intimidating, strange, or uncomfortable at first. The AA promises appear on pages 83 and 84 of the Alcoholics Anonymous guide, also known as the Big Book. But perhaps most importantly, the 12 AA Promises give us permission to truly forgive and love ourselves. The Seventh Promise marks an interesting point in the relationship between the 12 Promises and the 12 Rewards.

Understanding how AA promises fit into the 12-step program can give you a better idea of what you're working on. The 12 AA Promises offer a list of lights at the end of the tunnel, giving you things to look forward to as you continue on your path to recovery. According to Drug and Alcohol Dependence magazine, every promise takes shape in a person's life as they experience growth and healing in the recovery process. This statement essentially assures followers of the 12 steps of aa that the process will lead to a life free from the burdens of alcohol and addiction, and will end all the happiness that flows from that relief.

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are incredibly well-known and their scope extends far beyond addiction recovery circles. So, while the above Rewards may seem out of place for those people, the following entries should resemble the way the 12 Promises and the 12 Rewards are always linked together.

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