What is the principle of step 12?

Each of the 12 steps has a spiritual principle behind it. The purpose of a 12-step program is to help people overcome addiction. Each step helps a person to live daily life without the need for substances. The Spiritual Principles of Recovery are a guide to realization and strength in recovery that correspond to the original 12 steps of 12-step recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Gambler's Anonymous, etc.

These principles are presented as a path for those seeking spiritual growth and personal improvement as they navigate addiction recovery. Addiction recovery in a 12-step recovery program requires honesty, open-mindedness, and will. Several times during the day, things may not go as planned. Practice acceptance when you just missed the bus to work or when you run out of coffee in the office.

Acceptance is by far one of the most useful principles to practice. Practicing faith can seem like praying, meditating, talking to your higher power, etc. Putting hope in a power greater than yourself is faith. Be brave standing up for what you believe today, whether you set a limit or tell your boss an idea you have.

Practicing courage can be scary, but it's also rewarding. In addition, living a life guided by the spiritual principles of recovery is encouraged in all of our treatment options at Royal Life Centers. In fact, our intensive care is combined with an introduction to the 12-step recovery model to help you on your journey to spiritual growth and overall well-being in recovery. As they work through the 12 steps, people should apply each principle, taking the time to reflect on the meaning behind the practice and how it can improve their life in recovery.

A 12-step program helps people regain their ability to meet their commitments; once again, they can feel confident in their ability to present themselves and others. The costs of such a misunderstanding can be counted in the number of lives lost to alcoholism and other forms of addiction, people who could have gained sobriety through the 12 Step program. In Al-Anon, the twelfth step says trying to get the message to “others” and in Alcoholics Anonymous it says alcoholics. Principles help them move from feeding their addiction to nurturing their spirituality and focusing on their relationship with others and the world around them.

There are many spiritual principles of recovery, and they all promote being someone of integrity, among other things. Therefore, as we practice these spiritual principles, we transition to the best versions of ourselves as a result. It is true that many people recovering from addictions weave traditional religious practices into their application of the Steps. The 12-step principles help people become more aware of how they have behaved in their addiction and the root cause of this behavior.

Step 12 allows people who have worked in the program to work with others who are still struggling, benefiting both the person in recovery and those still going through the program.

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