What does it mean to 12-step someone?

Step 12 calls occur when a member of A, A. has a conversation with a newcomer about how he recovered from alcoholism. When an alcoholic gains the trust of another by having this conversation, both the newcomer and the A, A. A 12-step call is an important part of the recovery process for many.

Usually, an individual or group sits down or talks with someone suffering from addiction to help them find recovery. It has become less popular as treatment availability increases, but it remains an important part of the process. The 12-step program aims to help individuals achieve abstinence from substance use disorders or make behavior change through peer support. This intervention provides a supportive social network and encourages bonding between group members, which adds to the benefits.

Members often lead groups without the participation of health professionals. As part of these calls, it's always good to share your recovery story and how the 12-step program changed your life for the better. Today, that 12-step program is known as Narcotics Anonymous (NA), but there are other programs that focus on mental health conditions, such as eating disorders and maladaptive behavior patterns, such as compulsive gambling. A 12-step call is the act of a person who is working the steps or has done them, talking to a struggling addict and helping them start the path to recovery.

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